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When your heart nearly skips a beat with excitement at the thought of giving your sweet little one a mythically marvelous unicorn party, we’re right there with you. Your life is busy and we know that it can be overwhelming when you want to create the Pinterest-perfect party. Keeping this in mind, we couldn’t wait to put our own special spin on this enchanting party. Knowing we can help you create the same memory making magic for the special ones in your life, our goal is always to capture every unique detail of our parties and share why (and how)...

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Hello! Soirées Party-in-a-Box entertaining is where stylish meets simplicity. Planning the perfect party doesn’t have to be overwhelming - it can be a total blast with Hello! Soirées! Let us help you plan your party with a few of our favorite tips and tricks - relax and enjoy!

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Check out our launch blog to learn several ways we do business that makes us an exciting new option for our party in a box choice.  We’re sure you’ll see that our years of trend-setting, professional experience in the entertaining and interior design industry makes us unique in the party in the box world.  We’re sure you’ll feel 100 percent confident that you’ll get the party you’ve been dreaming of. No matter the occasion, Hello! Soirées is the premier partner for the perfect party.  Read our launch blog to say goodbye to average and hello to the Pinterest worthy party - cheers!

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