Seven Tips And Ideas to Make Your Magical Unicorn Party The Talk Of The Town

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Seven Tips And Ideas to Make Your Magical Unicorn Party The Talk Of The Town

When your heart nearly skips a beat with excitement at the thought of giving your sweet little one a mythically marvelous unicorn party, we’re right there with you. Your life is busy and we know that it can be overwhelming when you want to create the Pinterest-perfect party. Keeping this in mind, we couldn’t wait to put our own special spin on this enchanting party. Knowing we can help you create the same memory making magic for the special ones in your life, our goal is always to capture every unique detail of our parties and share why (and how) we created them. Welcome to our mythical, magical and marvelous unicorn party!

Start with your gorgeous party in a box collection:  Our Unicorn Party in a Box-The Luxe  is overflowing with party whimsy and wonder. It’s complete with mystical must-haves from shimmering iridescent plates and metallic gold cutlery to cheerful unicorn napkins with glittering horns. It also has surprising pops of stunning color in our fun unicorn horn party hats and rainbow unicorn bags! And what magical tablescape would be complete without a glitter table runner?!  

Showcase your sweets and treats:  To keep the magic flowing with every detail of the party, we displayed all our sweets on a bar cart. We love the art of creating sweet focal points and it’s a something we share with you from our many years of designing celebrity gifting suites. For this party, the bar cart creates a focal point that is simple and elegant so that your sweets are gorgeously displayed. We bought our bar cart at  Pier One Imports but these are found at any home goods store. As an alternative, you can also set up a small table to act as your dessert focal point. Our little guests were seated at our go-to child sized table from one of our favorite stores, Pottery Barn KidsAnd because we think that any party is made a bit more magical with fluffy touches (also adds dimension), we used fluffy white ottomans we found at TJ Maxx.

Your darling guests will feel touches of magic everywhere as you add all the bold and soft color coordinated details we’ve carefully chosen for this party. This includes balloons, of course. We chose to use a balloon garland. They’re easy to make and define the backdrop of your party with gorgeous solid and sprinkled pops of color.  Please don’t worry, we’ll make sure you get help on making these because we send you detailed instructions on how to easily construct a balloon garland (no helium is needed). They truly are super easy to make! (Balloons for garland and it’s how-to are part of the Posh & Luxe boxes). Pro Tips: 1-  When purchasing a bar cart in a store, ask if you can buy the floor model for extra savings! 2- Another really easy option for a bar cart is to re-purpose a utility cart!  Just remove the glass shelves and spray the cart with gold paint. Once dry, add shelves and there you have it-a beautiful bar cart! 3-  To make balloon filling super quick, you can buy an automatic air pump on Amazon to blow up balloons. It makes it sooooooooo much easier. 

Magic building sweets and treats:  Your fun-loving guests will sense unicorn magic everywhere they turn and that’s part of the secret of designing a swoon-worthy party.  For fun elements of surprise, we chose a three-layer cake with colors that complemented our party.   We added a touch of merry-making texture with sprinkles in soft and bold pink, blues and that magical gold we love so much! You can buy these in our store; check out our Bake Shop.  They are also included our Unicorn Party in a Box - The Luxe. You can increase the WOW factor of your party by serving unicorn and rainbow cookies.  We chose to serve cookies because they are always a hit with little ones and they make gorgeous party accents.  We’re big on serving cupcakes too, especially for kids’ parties.  They’re not only so easy to serve, they’re an additional decoration for an already magical looking table because you get to put cupcake toppers on each darling cupcake! As always, we went to our favorite baker, Sweet Saneets, who created the cake and cookies for this incredible unicorn gathering. Pro Tip:  You can continue the unicorn mystique even more with your cake. Make the layers inside the cake colored to match party colors… it is an unexpected surprise and who doesn’t love a matching cake?  

Invite a unicorn and dress up your little unicorn herd: While this delight-filled party will stand alone perfectly without a live unicorn, we chose to invite a unicorn to the party. To invite one to yours, we suggest posting in your local community Facebook group and reaching out to local stables with your request to borrow or rent a horse or pony. You can easily transform your horse into a majestic unicorn with a unicorn horn (we purchased ours at  Pretty In Pink Supply (Etsy) and adding a beautiful garland;  we bought ours at Michaels Art and Craft Supplies.   And of course, you want your little darling guests to feel like part of the magic so consider dressing up them up in tutu dresses. We purchased ours from  Boutique321 (Etsy). Pro Tips: 1-  For a really coordinated (and oh so fancy) look for your unicorn special guest, buy pink flowers and attach them to the garland with hot glue. To finish it off beautifully (and easily) join the two ends of garland together so that it hangs loosely on your unicorn’s neck. Of course, you want it to appear as if your unicorn read that guests were dressing up so attach pink flowers to a ribbon along with the unicorn horn with hot glue. This allows your unicorn to match your party and to keep the horn in place. 2- Treat your unicorn to a pretty party pedi. We used Super Shine Gold Glitter Fast-Drying Hoof Polish and Sealer and then threw glitter on our horses hoof.  We suggest using a chunky glitter because it makes it easier to cover these magically fast-moving feet!    

Now relax and enjoy as the magic swirls throughout your unicorn party. You can see why we were over the top excited about what we did to put smiles on the precious faces of our sweet little unicorn fans.  We all had so much fun as the magic flowed throughout every detail we carefully chose for this party.  We know you’ll do a great job at creating your own unicorn party magic.  We hope what we shared with you will put a smile on your face now and long after the last of the unicorn’s playful footsteps are heard. Enjoy!


Styled by Hello! Soirées

Photographer: Jill Carmel Photography

Tutu Dress: Boutique 321

Kids Table: Pottery Barn Kids

Faux Fur Puffs: TJ Maxx

Bar Cart: Pier 1 Imports

Cake, Cupcakes & Cookies: Sweet Saneets

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