Five Easy Sweetheart Gift Ideas for Your Sweetest of Hearts

Five Easy Sweetheart Gift Ideas for Your Sweetest of Hearts


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we understand the challenges of finding just the right thing for our sweethearts. Because we know how important it is to celebrate life’s treasured moments, we look at every detail of each celebration and know gifts are fun part of Valentine’s Day traditions. We created our Valentine's Day Party in a Box  so that your Valentine’s Day party is as easy as can be to put together so that, with the party planning out of the way, you have more time to think about gifts and sweets. We thought we’d share some ideas we’ve come across that we hope will make your life a little easier as you move into the Valentine’s Day shopping mode and hope you enjoy these ideas as much as we did.

1. Sweet Gifts for Your Sweet Littles:  For your little loved ones, sweet and small says it all. Kids love plush toys for Valentine’s Day and the cuter, the better. From traditional teddy bears to not so traditional stuffed super heroes, little boys and girls melt a bit when you give them the chance to be young for just a little bit longer. If not stuffed toys, a book says it all! There are so many fun valentine’s books for kids, it’s hard to recommend just a few. Trust us, you’ll have no problem finding just the right one for your little sweetheart.

Valentine's Day Candy

2. Candy is Still King for Valentines Day:  There are all sorts of fun alternatives to the traditional box of candies when you want to say “I heart you”. Everything from heart-shaped jelly beans to Valentine’s paint can filled with gumballs and Valentine’s Day candy corn. This year is a fun year to explore what’s new for your love’s sweet tooth. 

3. For Boyfriend or husband, Quirky is the New Cute:  There’s all sorts of ways to say, “I love you” in that cutish-funny way. Try going with something like themed socks (everything from fishing lures to avocados themed socks are out there for the picking). Your sweet guy is bound to get a kick out of your thoughtfulness while enjoying warm feet. Or maybe go in the other direction and think mustache! This year is projected to be another very popular year for facial hair, especially mustaches! Show that handsome guy that you’re as curious as he (secretly) is about what he’d look like with all sorts of ‘stache styles. Surprise him with a book like The Mustache Bible.


4. Gifts We Women Need to Hint About: Of course, we know it’s never too early to start hint dropping about our gifts. We love our guys and know they don’t always have the best guesses when it comes to our gifts. It’s okay, we understand and we love them anyways, right? We found some lovely things that you might enjoy hinting about for your 2019 Valentine’s Day. Let’s talk nails and the most popular color for them: it’s not pink but it’s hot! This year’s projected most popular nail polish color is gray. If you do your own polishing, there are several choices to go with from metallic to soft grays. While we’re talking about color, this year’s most popular color (for everything BUT nails) is coral. Makeup headbands have never been more popular so combining the two (coral headbands!) goes beyond fun and cute! Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a traditional valentine’s gift like jewelry. This year’s very popular look is chunky jewelry. From earrings to belts, everything is large and full of layers. Lay big hints about big jewelry and you’ll be on point for 2019!

5. Valentine’s Treats for Your Sweet Pets:  Treat your furry Valentine (or Furrytine as we like to say) with something deliciously loving. The choices are endless from three ingredient homemade treats Easy Dog Treats or Easy Cat Treats to specialty pet treats online. Don’t forget about your neighborhood pet store which offers valentine’s treats to help you cater to sweet furrytine.


We hope you find these five ideas super helpful because we want you to enjoy your Valentine’s Day as much those who are lucky enough to have you as their lovely loved one. 


Happy Valentine’s Day from Hello! Soirées


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