Burgers, Beer & Bonfires

Burgers, Beer & Bonfires


Three delicious party ideas you'll fall in love with!         

If you’re like us, you’re a fun-loving person who’s always looking for ways to create a party that’s just loaded with great memory making moments. Great news because the fall season is here and that means cool weather, warm sweaters and fun get-togethers. This is our favorite season and we want to share some thinking-outside-the-pumpkin ways to celebrate it. These great BBQ, bonfire and beer recipes and party ideas are sure to turn your fabulous fall party into an awesome annual event!

Let’s start with the main event of hardy meal. Check out this amazing BBQ hamburger. It's loaded with a combo of meat and toppings that are sure fire BBQ lover’s dream!

 Grilled Beer Can Burgers (Photo:Traeger Grills)

Next let’s talk about beer. All this delicious food requires some serious pairing with just the right beer!  Never underestimate the power of the pairing. We’ve done all the work for you in finding the latest and greatest. It’s delicious food beer!!! Okay, maybe it isn’t called that but we think it should be. First we decided to investigate beers that aren’t the usual “pumpkin inspired beer” and found this variety of brews your guests will love!

The Un-Pumpkin Beer  (Photo: Deschutes Brewery)

Okay, we couldn’t resist offering pumpkin beer suggestions because, well, it’s fall after all!!!

Pumpkin Beers You Must Try (Photo: Samuel Adams)

And for our hard cider drinkers, here are some suggestions that will hit the spot!

Hard Ciders You Can't Miss (Photo: Angry Orchard)

Last (but never EVER least), dessert. Bonfires mean S’mores, of course! Not just any s’mores, but s’mores with attitude. We love traditions with a twist and presenting food with style. S’mores are a bonfire staple that everyone loves and nothing is more fun than trying an old favorite in a new way. Here’s some ideas for a new twist on this traditional tasty treat!

15 Amazing S'mores Recipes

We always have so much fun putting together great party ideas for you to use with confidence and ease. We hope you’ll find the s'mores bar printables adds a great touch to your party. After using these BBQ, beer and bonfire recipes and party ideas, we know you’ll see why they’re some of our favorites. Whatever you try and however you do it, don’t forget to share your experience with us.  We love hearing from our readers and look forward to connecting with you as we all share our fun-focused ideas. Party on! 

Download white s'mores bar printables here!

Download kraft s'mores bar printables here!

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