7 Swoon-Worthy Tips to help you Host the Perfect Party!

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7 Swoon-Worthy Tips to help you Host the Perfect Party!


Hello! Soirées Party-in-a-Box entertaining is where stylish meets simplicity. Planning the perfect party doesn’t have to be overwhelming - it can be a total blast with Hello! Soirées! Let us help you plan your party with a few of our favorite tips and tricks - relax and enjoy!

Tip 1. Think about what details mean the most to you! Now, this may seem like an obvious step - but it’s one of those that are skipped far too often! Most of us are goal oriented and get right into making a list and checking it twice. However, investing a bit of time focusing on the things that mean the most to you when it comes to your party help create a foundation and puts your priorities in order. Trust us on this one, you’ll give a major shout out to this idea when you’ve practiced it a couple of times!  

Tip 2.  Make an invitation list.   Celebrations are a great time to bring people together. According to entertaining experts, if you ask guests to RSVP, only 30 percent will do that - it’s just the norm! And remember to invite 20 percent more people than fit at your party location because average guest turnout, at best, is 80 percent of people invited. Making an invitation allows you the opportunity to truly determine just how much of everything you need - and helps make sure you didn’t forget anyone, just in case! ;)

Tip 3.  Choose a theme. Of course, Hello! Soirées is here to help with this one - we’ve got you covered. But remember that first little tip? We want to know exactly what special thing you want to have your guests experience.  For a family reunion, is it making sure each person feels individual acknowledged? For an after-work party, is it having an opportunity for a fun escape from the workweek’s grind by adding some interactive party games?  For a birthday smash cake party, is it making sure kids are all busy and comfortable? If you tell us what’s important to you, we do our best to send you information that helps make your party vision come true! Yup, it’s sort of over the top but that’s us--your official, over-the-top, occasion orchestrators!  

Tip 4.  Send out invitations with plenty of notice.  The invitations are the very first thing people will connect with when it comes to your party - and we all know that first impressions last a lifetime! We have gorgeous, themed invitations to go with each of our party boxes. You know how it goes, timing is everything including when to invite your guests. If you’re throwing a general celebration bash (including birthday), three weeks is good. But if it’s something that’s more “once in a lifetime-ish” than that, six weeks is safer. Try to avoid inviting people under two weeks before the occasion. In today’s fast-moving world, people like to get things dialed in with plenty of notice!

Tip 5.   Delegate, delegate and delegate.  You’ve already started living the delegation-spirit by choosing Hello! Soirées for memorable and magical celebration needs. Next, you have to delegate party-day tasks that will help keep your guests comfortable, happy campers. Ask someone to “have your back” by emptying trash, freshening ice supply, and making a dash for paper towels to mop up spills (because they will happen). Delegating tasks makes you feel relaxed and sets the stage for everyone to feel welcomed. You deserve to have a blast as well, and teamwork makes the dream work!

Tip 6.   Revisit your thoughts again.  This time, upend the typical party formula by thinking of what would be unexpected and fun. What kind of unique touches could you add to the celebration that would guarantee fun? Knowing your fun-seeking clan, is it a spontaneous card or trivia games? Is it a surprise karaoke contest (people still karaoke, don’t they)? Is it a slideshow of fav pics that match the party theme? If you need any ideas in this, just shoot us an email and we’ll brainstorm with you - our passion is those unforgettable details!

Tip 7.  Give your guests a funtastic photo as a thank you.  Because your party came together with the help of Hello! Soirees, you have enough energy to savor your successful celebration. Take the time to take plenty of pics. Capture all those great Instagram-worthy moments and use a few with your thank you notes. People love surprises and thank you notes. Surprise your guests with a thank you note accompanied by a photo from your fun-tastical party - it’s a great way to connect with everybody and make your party truly unforgettable!

At Hello! Soirées, we believe everyone deserves to celebrate life’s special occasions -- there’s always a reason to celebrate! We hope you find these tips helpful in making your celebrations successful.  We’d love to hear your favorite tip, so please take a moment to share it in the comments section below. Cheers!

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