5 Behind The Scenes Tips For How To Make Your Ice Cream Party The Best Ever!

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5 Behind The Scenes Tips For How To Make Your Ice Cream Party The Best Ever!

If you’re excited to treat your adorable little guests to an ice cream party that will be as swoon-worthy as it is delicious but don’t quite know how to get everything done, we’d love to help you out!  We completely understand that it can be overwhelming, so we’re happy to share some of our best tips to help you achieve your sweet, picture-perfect party.

Start with your Party In a Box collection:  Our Ice Cream Party In A Box – The Luxe shows up with everything you need to serve your special little (o.k., and adults) guests at your extra-sweet ice cream party.  This cheerful collection of soft neon and beautiful gold foil will anchor your party’s style for sure.   

Ice Cream Sundae Bar: We just love, love LOVE the idea of an ice cream bar because it sets a really fun and welcoming tone for your guests. They feel special and can get an instant visual of all the fun they’re in for. We love white because it lets everything else at the party really POP! While we rented a market cart for our ice cream cart, this idea could be transferred to a table easily. No worries about renting. The idea is to have a surface large enough to place contents in a way that shows them off and that makes serving easy. Our favorite way to create elevation, a focal point and add a pop of wow is to use cake stands, boxes and risers. Pro tip: We love to have party staples that we can use for any celebration; cylinder vases are one of those staples. These are easy to find and inexpensive. For this party, we flipped them upside down and used them as risers for our candy jars to create a focal point. And finally, don’t forget about balloons because they are well, FUN!  Balloons are so versatile. You can fill them with helium and tie them with coordinating ribbon or you can do what we did and create a balloon garland! Don’t panic, we give you a styling guide that includes how to easily make a balloon garland (no helium is needed).

Create the centerpieces for ice cream party:  We love using everything we can to keep the “ice scream, you scream, we all scream for ice scream” vibe going and really, who can blame us?  We used old fashioned looking milkshake glasses as centerpieces (ordered on Amazon) with “scoops” of cotton candy as “ice cream” and rock candy sticks for “straws” (see #4 for buying details).  Pro tip: Think of things that can be used for a great visual effect and are appropriate for the setting. Not only are these centerpieces super cute and delish but they’ll withstand the heat (and you don’t have to go to the store to get fresh flowers!). 

Sweets & Treats: We shopped at one of our very favorite candy stores for cotton candy, ice cream toppings, rock candy, and candy sticks — Lolli and Pops Purveyors of Sweetness!  It has THE best and most yummy selection of candy you’ll find anywhere! And soooo fun too!  Pro Tip: Always look for deals that can potentially save you money in the future. If you want to shop here, you choose the style of jar you want, fill it up and when you come back in the future (and you just might), you fill it up for half the price you originally paid. Big disclaimer…please check the policy when shopping as it may have changed.

Last but not least, iced sugar cookies that reflect the theme of your party (in this case, ice cream cones) are not only an additional delectable treat, but also add a spectacular accessory to your place setting.  Of course, one baker we love love LOVE is Sweet Saneets. The cookies are as delish to eat as they are over-the-top gorgeous to look at.

And finally, ice cream cones, ice cream and ice cream floats: You can buy sugar and/or waffle cones at your local grocery store and candy melts from Michaels, Walmart or Amazon. For sweet, one of a kind sprinkles, we went to none other than Sweetapolita. (You can buy in our store and they are also included in our Ice Cream Party In A Box – The Luxe). To make these gorgeously yummy creations, all you have to do is melt the candy melts following the directions on the package. Pro tip: One of our favorite and easy tips is to add shortening (2 tablespoons of shortening to 1 bag of candy melts) to the candy melts as you are melting them. This makes it easier to obtain the smooth drizzle affect. After you dip the cone into the melted melts, scatter the sprinkles with your fingers over the freshly dipped cone. It’s helpful to have an ice cream cone stand to dry and display your cones. We purchased our ice cream cone stand on Amazon. And finally, ice cream time!!! Of course, ice cream choice depends on what you think would be best for your occasion. We’re sort of nuts about sherbet so that’s what we used. Oh and one last thing, we wanted to create variety so we invited orange soda to the party for making orange sherbet floats!  

You can see by our pics that it was a very special party for our little cutie-pie guests. We know you want this same kind of amazing party for your guests. We hope our tips are helpful so you (and your guests) get the party of your sweet dreams!

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Styled by Hello! Soirées

Photographer: Jill Carmel Photography

Ice Cream Cart: Celebrations! Party Rentals & Tents

Kids Table & Chairs: Pottery Barn Kids

Cookies: Sweet Saneets

Candy: Lolli & Pops


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